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  • How does the process work?
    1. Submit your Collectibles Choose a Service Complete a submission form for that service Prepare and Package your collectibles (You can use our submission guide) Ship your collectibles to us at The Sub Center, 132 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5JY 2. Pay your invoice Once you have selected and completed your submission on the website you will receive BACS info for payment Make sure you pay before the cut off date 3. Track your order It can take a few business days to open your parcel due to the volume received Once your parcel arrives we will update the order tracker on the website to arrived After the submission cut off date processing will begin Once the processing has finished your submitted card list will appear 4. We will keep you updated Your order status will now update You will receive a list of your submitted collectibles You will receive updates as it moves through the stages of the grading At this stage please bare with us, it can take a while to get your collectibles back but we will keep you updated 5. Pay your return postage Once we receive the submissions back we will contact you to arrange delivery and confirm your address Make sure you pay your postage asap otherwise we cannot return your collectibles We will provide your tracking information 6. Wait for your collectibles to return Once we have sent your tracking information you will receive your collectibles back shortly after 7. Share your grades with the community Make sure once you get your collectibles back to show off your grades! Tag us on our socials with #danspokestop
  • Where do i send my cards to for grading?
    Once you have submitted your order and filled out your submission form, you need to send your cards directly to us at - The Sub Center Ltd 132 High Street Herne Bay, Kent United Kingdom, England CT6 5JY Don't forget to include your Name and Order number inside your package and to pay for your order before the submission date for the grading company you have chosen.
  • What collectibles can be graded?
    On the website you will find an up to date list of what each company will currently accept for grading. However, this list is continuously expanding so please reach out to us for confirmation.
  • What is the minimum number of cards I can send for grading?
    There are no minimum or maximum requirements. You can send just one, or as many as you would like.
  • When are the submission deadlines?
    CGC is the 10th of each month, Beckett is the 20th of each month and PSA is the 30th of each month. If you have made an order and want to check your order status you can log in and check your messages (Please use the same e-mail you made your order with).
  • Are the quoted time-frames accurate?
    All time scales are updated frequently in accordance to quoted correspondence from PSA/BECKETT/CGC, however timeframes are subject to change at any time.
  • Can I send in sealed cards?
    We require you to open the cards to give you the opportunity to inspect them for any pack damage before they are sent. Unless you are sending Sealed Packs in for Grading with PSA then please be sure to select PSA Pack Grading.
  • What are the benefits of having my cards graded with PSA/CGC/BECKETT/WATA?
    The benefits of having your collectibles graded with PSA/CGC. Establised Standards Security Set Registry Increased Value
  • Can I submit my collectibles in person?
    Yes, you are welcome drop off your submission in person to our office from Monday- Friday between 9am-5pm. or Saturday between 9am-1pm. Our office address is: 132 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5JW Whilst instore we are happy to give you advice on any questions you my have.
  • Do you offer cross grading?
    Yes, please write ‘CROSS GRADE’ clearly on the top of your submission form and stipulate the minimum grade requirement.
  • International Shipments
    You can declare as "goods being sent for repair" so they are registered on a temporary export license. Please note - You must retain the original tracking number for your records and for us to return your cards to you. You need to set import charges to chargeable to the sender and not the receiver.
  • Can I send you a graded card that I would like to send raw?
    Yes, we will remove your card from the holder for £1 per card, however, we will charge 15p for a semi-rigid card holder if not supplied. Please read our Terms & Conditions for full information on removing cards from holders.
  • Can I send my cards in Toploaders?
    Yes you can. If you do, we will transfer them into semi-rigids for you as this is a requirement for grading. We will charge you 15p per semi-rigid. We recommend preparing your cards in SubSafe semi-rigids to save money, time and handling -
  • What shipping service should I use to send you my cards?
    We recommend Royal Mail, Special Next Day Delivery as this service provides tracking, plus the insurance value can be adjusted from £500 - £2,500 per parcel depending on the requirement. However, you can use any courier service you would like. Please purchase adaquate insurance cover for your collectables and ensure that delivery is scheduled for Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.
  • When are my cards shipped for grading?
    We aim to process all submissions within 10 business days of the monthly deadline. However this can vary based on current workload.
  • How long will it take to return my graded cards back to me?
    We aim to package and ship all collectables as quickly as possible however there are checks needed such as damage checks / lables checks and we need to then organise individual submissions. Once they’re ready to ship, we will message you to confirm the tracking details.
  • How much is the return postage?
    We return all submissions via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Depending on the number of cards and adequate insurance value, this will range from £8 and £15.
  • Do you offer cross grading?
    At The Sub Center we offer Cross Grading Services for PSA only. PSA will only recognise Cross Over Submissions from the other fore mentioned companies. In this instance the collectables need to be removed from their current holder, The Sub Center can do this on your behalf, Please Refer to the Customer Consent and Waiver Form in relation to this. ​ PLEASE NOTE, PSA reserve the right to issue a collectible a lower grade should they open a holder during a cross grade and find a defect that can not be seen whilst the collectible is situated within the existing holder. In this situation, Minimum grade requirements can not be honoured and the collectible will be assigned a new grade based on their findings once out of the holder. ​ THE SUB CENTER LTD ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILIY FOR PREVIOUS COLLECTABLES HAVING DEFECTS MISSED BY ANY GRADING COMPANY SUCH AS ALTERATIONS, NON GENUINE CARDS, THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO THESE SPECIFIC ISSUES AS THEY ARE USED AS EXAMPLES. ​ Any collectable submitted for Cross Grading, whether successful or not, is still charged as they are carrying out a grading service and therefore is chargeable to the submitter.
  • When do I need to pay for grading services?
    When we are processing your collectibles, if the payment is outstanding we will not ship your collectibles and your service will roll into next months submission. The payment is due by the grading companies cut off date. We only accept BACS payments for grading.
  • How do I make payment?
    Our preferred method of payment is via BACS. You will be provided with our bank details in your email receipt when you place an order.
  • How can I track the status of my submission?
    This video will show you an indepth step by step guide on how to do this.
  • What are Upcharges?
    Upcharges are additional charges set by PSA for cards that once graded fall outside the valuation that the tier they were submitted on covered. Note: Upcharges will only be applied to the single card(s) that fall outside of the service cover they were submitted on, not your whole submission. Upcharges are set and decided by PSA and will be charged upon return of your cards
  • Do you clean cards?
    We do not clean cards, we will submit them to your selected company as they are submitted to us.
  • My Order says "Awaiting Shipment" is this normal?
    Your Order status isn't the page you're looking for. The Order Tracker is where you can track your submission with us.
  • Who should i use to send my cards to you ?
    We recommend Royal Mail, however you can use the provider of your choice but do not send with UPS!
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