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Return postage costs must be covered by the customer

Please use the contact page if you need to make a return


Damaged items that have been purchased (Does not include grading services) can be returned within 14 days of the delivery date to be attended to.

If your item arrives damaged please take a photograph and send it to us immediately, replacement CANNOT be given on damaged items which have fail to meet this criteria.

Please note that whilst we do everything we can to provide the best and most efficient service on the market, should your item arrive to us in a different condition to which you shipped it, The Sub Center can not be held liable for differences in grade expectations, nor do we notify you of minor damage on collectibles, we do however contact you should a collectible arrive with sustainable damage to allow you to make a decision as to whether you would like to continue with your grading.

Cosmetically damaged items can be returned under the unwanted items clause. Cosmetic damage is defined as but not limited to small dents or tears in the cellophane/small dents in tins.

Postage costs on damaged items will be paid by us at the original postage cost.


If you wish to cancel an order please use the contact us page and supply your order number.


If the order has already been dispatched please note that we are unable to cancel your submission or amend it.


For every submission we work from a Submission form, this can be filled in online or Handwritten and included with your order.



Should you send the Wrong level service form, we accept no responsibility for this as this is down to you (the submitter) to ensure that your paperwork is correct when submitting to us.


In the event you do submit on the wrong service level and we have processed the order this can not be undone and is down to you (the submitter) to cover the cost of the service.


If the submission has not been submitted but we can not move your collectable/s to the correct desired service level, a return charge will apply should you want the collectables returned which includes packing materials, labour time and return postage.



All Submissions are returned within the UK Via Royal Mail Next Day Special or Fedex Next Day, This is charged to the customer at a cost of £8-£20 depending on the weight and level of insurance required.

Postage is charged upfront for your collectibles to be returned to you. 

You must remember to keep your address up to date as we ship to the most recent address that's on our system. Should you move or need your collectibles returning to a different address, you must make this change on your account. The Sub Center is not liable for your items going to the wrong address.


*** PLEASE NOTE *** Once we have shipped your items back to you and provided you with the shipping tracking number, your contract then lies with either Royal Mail or Fedex, so please contact them for any delivery inquiries you may have.


The Sub Center accepts no responsibility for loss or damages caused by the 3rd parties while in shipping back to you and it is your responsibility (the customer) to pay for adequate insurance on your return parcel.

If the parcels are too heavy for Royal Mail Services then shipping will be with Fedex Next Day Services, which is £10, However The cost of insurance is chargeable to the customer at a rate of 1% of total insured value.

International Shipping is Via Fedex Next Day, However this will be quoted per return as this will vary based on country of return and level of insurance required.

The Sub Center can not be held responsible for late deliveries via either Royal Mail or Fedex, If the items do not arrive next day, we will not chase to claim a refund.

Return Shipping Outside the UK - Providing that you have disclosed your cards as a "Temporary Export" when Shipping to The Sub Center, We Can return Via Fedex International Priority, this is usually around £30-£40 per shipment, plus any insurance that you may require which is chargeable to the customer at a rate of 1% of declared value. (Please note that upon return you may be liable for customs handling charges which usually equates to around £21)


How to place the order -


Go onto


Go to Grading Services > PSA Grading and click on Go To Shop


Select > January Pay in 3


Once you have completed your order select “Manual Payment” (If you select to pay by card straight away, you will be charged for the full order upfront and we cannot change this afterwards)


The team will then be in touch to collect the 1st payment.


The team will send you an invoice for payment 2 & 3 and this will be due by the last day of the following month (February & March).


A Minimum of 10 cards submitted is a requirement of this offer.


PSA Value is the only service tier this offer is available on.


*Please note, the full balance will be due before your cards are returned.

*Return Postage will be added to your first payment and be settled in full.

*Late fees will be added for payments that are not paid on time, these late fees will be 20% of the total of your order.

*Your order is not confirmed until the 1st payment is made and the payment is due upon the invoice being sent to you

* This service is carried out by The Sub Center Pre Paying your service on your behalf and you repaying us. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer of repayment at any time and demand immediate payment in line with our Non Payment of Grading Fees conditions.


By submitting via The Sub Center to PSA / Beckett / CGC / WATA you agree to our terms of service.

You agree to pay the fees for the service within the timescale of request (The end of the month in which they are submitted for).

Upon your cards return you will be notified they are back in the possession of The Sub Center, at which point you will be asked to confirm your return address, as until this is done we will not return cards to you for security reasons, Any cards held awaiting confirmation for longer than 14 days will attract a £10 storage fee per month for the holding of cards unless prior agreed by The Sub Center.

The Sub Center requires submissions to be sent in Semi Rigid Card Holders and in a clear, loose fit penny sleeve. We do accept submissions presented in other ways (for example in Top Loaders, ETB sleeves or in a companies graded holder etc) however should we be required to change your card from anything outside of this criteria, there will be an additional charge of 15p PER CARD for material costs and time of transfer. We would STRONGLY advise NOT sending your collectable in Perfect Fit sleeves as they can not be submitted in these and can damage your collectable. We also Charge £1 Per Box Topper Semi Rigid if required.

In relation to submission cost, we reserve the right to change the cost of service at any time without prior warning should the exchange rate change where we can no longer provide the service at the advertised cost providing the cards have not been input onto CGC, PSA or Beckett's card registration system for service.

In relation to PSA, you agree to pay any applicable up charges (As this is an element outside of our control which PSA decide based on your collectable's Final Graded Value) within 10 days of notification of required charges or The Sub Center reserves the right to sell your cards to recover costs if unpaid.

If Any items are left unclaimed or unpaid for in regards of returns, including return shipping after 6 months of notification of return they will be disposed of and no reimbursement will be made to the customer as the item then becomes the property of The Sub Center LTD.

Cello Packs - If you wish for your card to be graded in the clear cello packaging that it is supplied from manufacture, you must order a PSA pack grading service. If you do not do this and order a regular card grading service, we will without approval remove this card from the cello wrap to prepare it for card grading. Cello cards sent sealed are not covered under our damages policy due to the back being obscured by the inserts included within, not allowing us to inspect for damages prior to removal. should any damages be visible after removal, we will not notify you as you have failed to follow our packaging instructions and we can not be held responsible for any damages. Any inserts included within the cello packaging will not be returned, we will dispose of them. Should you require the insert to be graded, then you are required to place an order for two (2) cards to be graded, they are not covered under the one (1) grading fee and highlight this to us clearly within your parcel that this is required. Failure to do so may result in the insert being disposed of to which we will not be held liable.

Any submissions sent that we submit on your behalf that have not been paid, we reserve the right to sell these items after a period of reasonable time to recuperate any financial losses to The Sub Center, We will not refund any over value in this instance in lieu of payment for admin time used for advertisement and other resources used to market and sell such items. 

The Sub Center LTD accepts no responsibility for any cards damaged / lost whilst in transit to us for submission, it is down to you (the submitter) to ensure that all cards are correctly packaged (We recommend following our packaging instructions for this) and insured for their journey to us for grading.

The Sub Center Reserves the right to not serve / facilitate services without explanation. However this will be on a non bias / discriminatory basis, of sex, age, race, sexuality or based on any disabilities.


Any attempt to access our internal databases, customer details or personal information will be treated as a breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

We will inform all relevant authorities, including the ICO and Police if we feel such a breach has been made.

We will also enforce the right to refuse service should the participant/s be a customer as well as remove your account on our website for data protection purposes.

If your collectibles have been sent for grade, they will be returned ungraded with no fee’s refunded.


All information on personal emails, company social media direct messages and any other form of direct communication that was not posted publicly, will be treated that way also. Should these points of contact be shared without our prior consent, we again will reserve the right to refuse service on the grounds of sharing private and confidential company information, whether for defamation or communications purposes. Should you wish to use or quote our communications, this must be requested to us in writing.


When Submitting to PSA & Beckett if you are using different service levels it is almost certain your collectibles will return at different times as they are not all processed together at the grading company. As the time difference can not be guaranteed, these will be shipped back separately with both postage charges being liable to the customer.


The Sub Center is a trading name of "The Sub Center LTD" Registered Companies House: 13167586


By entering into a contract of service with The Sub Center, your Contact will be held with The Sub Center LTD.



To return the cards it will be via FedEx Next day or Royal Mail Next Day Special, however the amount of insurance on the package is the responsibility of the customer and is an additional charge and will be quoted per return parcel.


Please note that whilst we may have multiple submissions returning at one time, we package returned collectables PER SUBMISSION, this includes collectables sent on similar services (with and without sub-grades), Therefore they may be packaged separately and whilst we always endeavour to return as many collectables in one parcel to our customers, we can not guarantee this, which may result in more than one return shipping cost very close together.


Any orders cancelled before they are shipped to PSA / Beckett / CGC once in possession of The Sub Center will be subject to a handling charge of £10, the sender will also be responsible for the cost of return postage on top of this. Cards will only be returned correctly insured.

In the unlikely event that you receive collectibles back that do not belong to you, you must notify The Sub Center immediately of this mistake. Whether sent in error or by mistake, any items that do not belong to you, you do not have the right to dispose of or sell these items.


The Sub Center will cover any costs incurred for returning them to us.


Should you not return items that do not belong to you, dispose of or sell these items, this will be treated as theft and The Sub Center will report this to the police and the Grading companies used to de-active certifications and potentially pursue legal action to recover costs.



Whilst your collectables are in the possession of The Sub Center they will be insured under our insurance to the declared value of the service level you have submitted the collectable under, or to a medium of current market value (which ever is relevant to the current market price of the collectable otherwise known as "which is lesser")


Whilst your collectables are in transit to your selected grading company, they will be insured to the medium of current market solds, or the maximum declared value of the service that you submit your collectable under which ever is lesser (Also depending if your collectible value exceeds the service level value limit)

Whilst in the possession with your selected grading company, the item is insured to the declared value at the time of the submission, The Sub Center will research this value and input on your behalf based on the medium market solds should any damages occur to your item whilst returning from the grading companies – you will be reimbursed for the declared value and service submitted / not graded value of items.


Whilst Returning to The Sub Center from your selected grading company the collectible will be covered to the declared value of the service level you have submitted the collectible under, or to a medium of current market value (which ever is relevant to the current market price of the collectable other wise worded as lesser value)


The Sub Center LTD Accepts NO responsibility for the value of goods being greater than the declared maximum value of the service level selected when submitting.

Based on research of market solds of a collectible at the time of input of your order, we will decide and declare the items value for you, unless this exceeds the maximum value of the service level, to which, we will declare the item at the maximum allowed value for the chosen service level.

In the event that at the time of submission, there are no sold data available for us to make an accurate decision of a value of your item, but the item is readily available for purchase on the open market, We will declare your items at the available market retail price of your item.


In relation to Autograph values, we will declare the value of the autograph at the time based off of fee's charged by the signer at current / last known signing events. 


In the event of a Loss, Theft of Damage to your item, if you (The Submitter) have not sent the collectible on the correct service level then we accept no responsibility for any differing financial value as we have presented you with the correct information to make an informed decision when choosing the service level to submit your collectable via our services.


This also applies for Service Level Up Charges with PSA and CGC.


By Submitting your card for reholder with PSA, you (the submitter) understand the holder should be free of damage to ensure the grade stays the same. As part of the reholder service, when removed from the holder should any damages occur as a result of PSA removing the card, then a value difference from the original grade and the new grade will be refunded to the customer.  Should the cased have any damage PSA do reserve the right to refuse to reholder or issue the card with a lower grade than originally stated due to damage caused by indenting or water ingress onto the card.


This service is still charged to the customer should PSA deem it to be a lower grade or refuse to reholder and by submitting on this service you accept these terms and conditions.


In relation to the shipping of sealed items including Cello Packs, Booster Packs and Video Games (But not limited to) we include very specific and strict instructions to the US Customs department in relation to not opening sealed items when shipped for grading.


Over the years we have built a strong relationship with US Customs and we do request rather than opening an item they return it to us without alteration, However they do reserve the right as a law enforcement agency to open items should they deem it necessary, this is an incredibly rare occurrence, However should your submitted item be effected by a customs opening, The Sub Center accepts no responsibly for the de-valuing of a collectible due to a governing body carrying out their legal duty as we take all the available steps to prevent this from happening and warn you of this risk as a customer prior to submission to which you agree and consent to when placing your order.


In Relation to Removing Cards From Existing Holders at Customers Request


I consent to The Sub Center LTD removing the submitted card(s) from their case(s) / holder(s) for purposes of authenticating and grading the card(s) in raw state.


I understand that this removal will likely void any guarantee that may have been provided by another grading company that encapsulated the card(s).


I understand that if the submitted card(s) are determined by CGC / PSA or Beckett to be Not Genuine, Questionable Authenticity, or otherwise ungradable, the card(s) will be designated as such and will not be graded or encapsulated by the above mentioned companies and the grading fee will still apply.


I accept the risks associated with removing my collectible(s) from cases / holders and agree to release, waive, and discharge The Sub Center LTD and its employees, agents, and representatives from all liability for loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or not, associated with my request to remove collectibles from cases / holders.

As with any process that involves Human Processing there is always a possibility (and this is a RARE possibility) That cards can be damaged during Transit, Unpackaging, Grading and Encasement.

As all the companies that The Sub Center submit to are industry leaders and professionals, All incoming cards are imaged on arrival.

Should you feel that your card has sustained damage that was not there prior to your submission, please get in contact. All Collectibles Must remain in the company holder to allow us to return them for investigation. We always advise that you clearly photograph the Front & Back of your cards before sending to grade as these will be required to support your claim of damages.


We will happily send your card back to the respective company for review providing you can provide imagery prior to sending. We (as the Grading companies require the card for inspection) will need you to return the card to The Sub Center LTD to allow us to present the card for inspection to the specific company in question.

Due to GDPR We WILL NOT Give out any Account or Submission Number Information for customers to do this on their own accord as we are the submitters acting on your behalf.


All costs of return shipping to CGC / PSA / Beckett will be covered by The Sub Center, until the point it is deemed no fault of the companies, at which point it will fall liable to the submitter to repay all shipping and handling costs both ways. If it is found that the collectable was damaged whilst in possession of the particular company then the grade cost will be refunded and disclosed values will be reimbursed to the submitter.


Please note that each companies inspection time of queries can vary and there is no specific time frame to resolve, however we would expect this to be up to 60 working days.


At The Sub Center we offer Cross Grading Services for CGC, PSA and Beckett.


Whilst Beckett will allow a cross over from ANY Grading company, CGC & PSA will only recognise Cross Over Submissions from the other fore mentioned companies. In this instance the collectables need to be removed from their current holder, The Sub Center can do this on your behalf, Please Refer to the Customer Consent and Waiver Form in relation to this.

PLEASE NOTE, PSA, Beckett and CGC all reserve the right to issue a collectible a lower grade should they open a holder during a cross grade and find a defect that can not be seen whilst the collectible is situated within the existing holder. In this situation, Minimum grade requirements can not be honoured and the collectible will be assigned a new grade based on their findings once out of the holder.




Any collectible submitted for Cross Grading, whether successful or not, is still charged as they are carrying out a grading service and therefore is chargeable to the submitter.



QA - Questionable Authenticity - This is Charged to the Submitter.

AC - Altered Card - This is Charged to the Submitter.

NC - Not Suitable for Certification - This is Charged to the Submitter.

NG - No Grade - This is No Charge to the Submitter.

IT - Ineligible Type - This is Charged to the Submitter.


N-1 Evidence of Trimming - When a card's edge appears to have been altered. A card doctor may use scissors, scalpel, cutter, or any other sharp instrument. A card that appears trimmed: A hooked appearance along the edge, unusually sharp or uncommon edges for the issue, an inconsistent tone to the colour of the edge in question or a wavy, unnatural look to the edges - This is Charged to the Submitter


N-2 Evidence of Restoration - When a card's paper stock appears to have been built up - for example, when ripped corners are built up to look like new corners - This is Charged to the Submitter.


N-3 Evidence of Recolouration - Where a card's colour appears to have been artificially improved - This is Charged to the Submitter.


N-4 Questionable Authenticity - This is the term used when a card appears to be counterfeit or when the autograph is deemed to be not genuine - This is Charged to the Submitter.


N-5 Altered Stock - This includes, but is not limited to characteristics on the card that appear to show some form of alteration such as paper restoration, crease/wrinkle pressing or enhanced gloss - This is Charged to the Submitter.


N-6 Minimum Size Requirement - When a card is significantly undersized according to factory specifications - No Charge to the Submitter.


N-7 Evidence of Cleaning - When a whitener is used to whiten borders or a solution is used to remove wax, candy, gum or tobacco stains - This is Charged to the Submitter.


N-8 Miscut - This term is used when the factory cut is abnormal for the issue, causing the card’s edges to deviate from their intended appearance - No Charge to the Submitter.


N-9 Don't Grade - When we do not grade an issue. The cards may be oversized or an obscure issue - No Charge to the Submitter.


N-0 Authentic Only - This means that PSA is only certifying that the item is genuine, without a numerical grade. This may be due to the existence of an alteration, one with malice or otherwise, a major defect or the original submitter may have requested that PSA encapsulate the card without a grade. The "Authentic" label means that the item, in our opinion, is real but nothing more - This is Charged to the Submitter.


AA Authentic Altered - This means that while PSA is certifying that the item is genuine, due to the existence of alterations, the item cannot receive a numerical grade. The term altered may mean that the card shows evidence of one or more of the following: trimming, recolouring, restoration, and/or cleaning. Items receiving the "Authentic Altered" designation, in our opinion, are genuine with the presence of some type of alteration. This is done on a case-by-case basis only, and must be notated on the submission form at the time of submission - This is Charged to the Submitter.


Authentic - The item does not meet the minimum standard to issue a grade, however the collectable is recognised as authentic - This is Charged to the Submitter.


All quoted turn around times are subject to change and are not guaranteed as the volume of work load at CGC, PSA & Beckett Grading Services Fluctuates and The Sub Center LTD can not be held accountable for these changes.

Please note that all quoted turn around times are once received by the relevant company, are in business days not calendar days and do not include processing, shipping or customs handling times.



By using our services, you automatically consent that your contact details will be passed to the grading company that you are using for Business Continuity purposes.


This contact information will be limited to your name, email address and telephone number.


The legal basis of processing and transferring your personal data in this way is to ensure the successful performance of a contract.


Your contact details will not be used or transferred for marketing purposes by The Sub Center Ltd, nor the grading companies that we share your information with, and this consent cannot be revoked until your order has been successfully completed and your collectibles are returned to you.


The third party companies will store and retain your data in line with their privacy policies and retention periods. Details of these can be obtained directly from the associated companies.

BECKETT Gold Metal Cards

Please note we cannot accept responsibility for the deterioration of the paint coating during transit.


We are unable to offer this with Beckett as they do not grade in this format.


PSA - Whilst we can endeavour to do our best with any request to grade sequentially, we can not guarantee it as PSA May change submissions on arrival their end.


Unless it is specifically requested at the point of submission we can not guarantee to is either.


To request a submission to be sequentially graded, please package your cards in the order you wish them to be submitted, Again, if cards are not submitted in accordance to our packaging guide I’m the correct sleeves and semi rigids, we can not guarantee this.


Then finally add a very clear note that states “please grade sequentially” within your parcel to do this.


Failure to do so will likely mean they won’t be graded sequentially The Sub Center takes no responsibility for any of the items submitted not being graded sequentially if PSA do amend the order of items submitted, or if any of the other above conditions are not met.


We can not guarantee sequential grading therefore we do not offer this as a part of our service and no refunds or repayments can be made due to failure to sequentially grade, whether at fault or not.


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